Friday, September 14, 2018


Meemure village is one of  the popular travelling destination   in Sri Lanka. Thousand of  local and overseas visitors had travelled this wonderful village and doing hiking ,camping, tracking .before you are selecting Meemure village as your holiday destination it is advisable  to concern following important information as a guide your trip.

01.    Make a reservation for your trip. Contact  mobile no: 0717313334.
02.    Meemure village situated 34 km away from the Kandy-Mahiyanganaya road. choose good vehicle to travel (4 wheel cab,Motor bicycle, or Dolphine van.KDH van is not suitable for this road.)
03.    Start journey early and you can visit early to our places.
04.    Please make aware your friends bout Camping, hiking, ,and camping                  foods.

05.    Our place is real place to get a perfect eco camping experience.